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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Conversation between Men

It is very difficult for men to have very deep relationships with other men. There are several reasons.... Number 1, the monumental issue of pride that is honed into men from the day they are born. Like, have you ever listened to dudes talk? “What did you do last weekend, Bill?” “Went duck hunting. Got a couple. What did you do?” “I killed a pterodactyl. Yeah, man. I mean, he just flew and my gun jammed. So I jumped up and grabbed him and bit a hole in his throat, choked the life out of him and mounted him on my wall. But hey man, ducks are cool. I mean, I used to hunt ducks when I was 7, but that's great for you, man. Did you take your boy with you or something?” I mean, this is it, this is the trump game. It's like every conversation involving a group of males is like a game of spades, where everybody just has the ace of spades. “I spade that...I spade that...well, I spade that...” and around the circle it goes.

- From a Matt Chandler Sermon Averil and I listened to on the way back from Toronto on Monday.

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