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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Raised from the Dead (physically)

...Then Ratnekar's last cow died. He would have no way to till his land or provide for his family.

In his distress, Ratnekar remembered the stories in the New Testament about Jesus bringing dead people back to life. And in a recent church service, Ratnekar has also heard testimonies from believers of how God had healed them of their sicknesses.

"Suddenly it came to my mind that if Jesus can heal sickness and raise the dead to life, why can He not make my cow alive?" Ratnekar recalls. "I decided that if God could raise my cow from the dead, I would follow Him."

The cow had been dead for half an hour when Ratnekar cried out to God. Immediately, the animal began breathing again and stood up, completely well.

In that instant of joy and surprise, Ratnekar realized that Jesus was the one true God who really cared for his needs.

"When I saw this, I wept," Ratnekar shares. "And whenever I remember that moment in my life - when God brought my cow back - I always cry. There is a God who can do big miracles in my life."

Click here to read the whole story of how Ratnekar then led a cave man to Christ.



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