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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Folly

Spring Folly was certainly an awesome weekend! I think that if I had to pick just one retreat out of all the retreats we go on throughout the year, I would probably pick Spring Folly. Although I love Fall Retreat too....and I love Winter Camp too. So it would be a difficult choice, but Spring Folly was really great!

I think the highlights for me (in no particular order) were:

1. Steve Tulloch's Messages. They were excellent! I really appreciated the apologetic element of them and the fact that they were centered totally and completely around Jesus.

2. The Bible Quizzing. Our team of Amy, Laura, Chrissy, Jason, and Chelsea did awesome (3rd place out of 6 teams and it was their first time in the comp (that's slang for competition :p)! It was a joy to get to watch them!

3. Story Time With Steve. I enjoyed his stories at the start of his messages, and his stories during the Coffee House. He is a funny guy!

4. The Dramatic Dance that ended the Coffee House. It was about a girl who stops dancing with Jesus and starts dancing with a boy who doesn't love Jesus, with money, with eating disorders, with depression, and almost with suicide. She finally comes to her senses and tries to run back to Jesus but all the distractions hold her back until Jesus comes and rescues her from them. Wow. Powerful moment. Powerful....

5. And everything else...ball hockey, basketball, bladderball, the concert, the worship music, playing ping pong, hanging out with was really a great weekend.


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