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Monday, January 12, 2009

Tony Dungy

Good article here on Yahoo Sports.

His racial impact in a sport where head-coaching opportunities are scarce for minorities – particularly at the college and high school levels – is considerable. However it wasn’t the color of Dungy’s skin that made him unique but the depth of his personality.

He was a throw back in an era of the thrown headset, a devout Christian who practiced the human decency he heard preached.

He was the guy who showed you could win big, earn the respect of your players and even discipline in the hot-headed moments of a potential night club scrap – not by bullying and intimidation but through respect and example.

Too often coaches act like lunatics as they stomp the sideline in over-the-top rage. Dungy, often in his Colts blue sweater vest, was a neighborly exception.


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