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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Most Redeeming Movies of 2008

Christianity Today talks about the year's best redemptive movies.

I've only seen 2 of them (Horton Hears a Who and The Dark Knight) but maybe I'll see more of them in the next while. It was cool to read what they said about The Dark Knight (at the time of the movie I was too grossed out by the Joker to fully appreciate these themes...):

"The most accomplished superhero movie yet made." "A moving, complex, fascinating look at order and chaos, and how the gap between these things is often filled by people who sacrifice themselves and their reputations for the greater good." "For all its darkness, the film proposes that not everyone may be a hero, but heroism can come from anywhere." "Displays how good men courageously stand against evil—and how evil responds, attacks, and changes them." "Under the surface—perhaps unknown even to the filmmakers—is that this film shows Batman as a Christ-figure who self-sacrificially takes the sins of others onto himself, knowing it is the only way to save others and bring hope. Batman becomes an outcast so that the people of Gotham would have hope."




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