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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honest Ed the Used Car Salesman

"An elderly lady owned her," honest Ed had informed me on a cloudless day the previous summer while gently her contoured roof and adjusting his purple suspenders. "She only drove it Sundays, you know. Between the church, her heated garage, and the car wash. Changed the oil after each drive. Triple-undercoated the body. Kept plastic on the seats. Heh, heh, this baby purs like a Swiss watch. Ticks like a pacemaker. And it's all ready to go. Of course, I'll top off the tank before you take it."

Ed looked like he'd just stepped off of a bad television ad...

"As it is, I'll only be makin' 25 bucks on the deal," said Ed. "It'll goes towards the crutches for the twins, should they survive the surgery. We've gotta get 'em seperated, you know. They're Siamese." A tear wound its way down Ed's pudgy cheek and splashed lightly on his tangerie tie. could you not buy the car from a nice guy like that?

(from Phil Callaway again.)



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