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My name is Mark Smith. I'm a guy who loves Jesus, His Word, and His Church. I am filled with Great Expectations for what the future will ultimately bring - Matthew 24:14.

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My favourite verse is Psalm 16:11, my other favourite verse is Acts 20:24, my other favourite verse is Habakkuk 3:17-19, and my other favourite verse is Matthew 24:14.

Friday, November 07, 2008

#1. Departure time for church has arrived but your wife has not.

She is still moving about the house checking the appliances. While waiting in the car you decide to:

A. Return to the house and say, "I'm sorry you're behind because I was late bringing you breakfast in bed. Is there anything I can do?
B. Leave without her.
C. Return to the house and start World War III.
D. Resist the urge to honk, and instead read your Bible.

#2. After 13 agonizing years, you have finally reached the Annual Mixed Slow Pitch Church Softball Final. The rules require a minimum of two women to be on the field at all times. Five have shown up. You, the captain , decide to:

A. Sit on the bench, realizing that there are far more important things than baseball, that this could be a character building event for all, and that each person should be treated as an equal regardless of petty things like gender.
B. Hide their gloves.
C. Put three women on the bench, the fourth at catcher, and the fifth at second base where three guys can rescue her should something awful occur (such as a ball being hit in her direction).
D. Volunteer to sit on the bench and hope like crazy that one of the women says something.

#3. Your son Billy just hit a three-run homer to win the Little League Championship. This is remarkable considering that you don't even have a son named Billy. But if you did, and he hit the game winner, you would:

A. Faint.
B. Console opposing team parents by patting their backs and saying, "Hey, second place isn't all that bad."
C. Congratulate the umpire on finally calling a good game.
D. Run onto the field screaming, "That's my kid! That's my kid!"

(from Phil Callaway, The Total Christian Guy, 1996)

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