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Friday, September 05, 2008

Adventures at Cambrian.... (Grrrr...)

Cambrian College will not let us start up a Christian Group because they do not sanction any sort of religious clubs. So instead of being able to have a club and set up a booth and hand out copies of The Case for Christ and stuff about our C&C group, I had to put flyers in books, pack them in my backpack and hand them out around Rez. However, after only handing out about 50 and knocking on only half the townhouse Rez doors, an RA who said he didn't believe in God told me I wasn't allowed to hand religious stuff out without permission. So I had to go to the office to ask for permission and permission was denied. Grrr...

But at least it's consistent: I asked if a Hindu could hand stuff out and they said no, it was the same for all religions - no clubs, no handing stuff out.

It's just too bad that Western Secularism is not classified by Cambrian as a religion - because then they couldn't tell me not to hand stuff out about my religion because they would be enforcing their own religion in saying that.

Those who decided that no religious clubs or literature are allowed would say the worldviews like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, etc are all religions while their worldview is not. Maybe not but I wish I could explain to them that Christianity is really not a religion either. Nor is it irreligion - it is something altogether different and better.


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