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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hotel Rwanda Is Happening Again

I came up to go to bed early tonight because of an early morning tomorrow and a busy day of Graduation rehearsal and related activities to follow. However, I got an email from George Verwer (the founder of Operation Mobilization) and that led me to checking his website. And that led me to reading his blog. His entry from today says:

Hotel Rwanda :: 4/27/2006

I have just watched ‘Hotel Rwanda’ which is the most important film I have seen in this decade. It showed how almost the whole world turned its back on Rwanda in 1994 causing the death of close to one million people. Something similar is going on right now.

Contact you Senator or Congressmen to do something.
This led me to looking into more information about what is happening in the Sudan. Low and behold, for the first time that I can remember in a long time, it actually made the headlines on It made the headlines because George Clooney spoke up about it. Like Clooney says in the video clip found in that article, the genocide is not sexy enough to make the news very often. But it - genocide - is happening right now.
"What we cannot do is turn our heads and look away and hope that this will somehow disappear," Clooney said.
"Because if we do, they will. They will disappear," he said, noting that an "entire generation of people will be gone. Then, only history will be left to judge us."
He related a story about meeting a "little elf of a young woman" who asked him in Arabic, "When will you come back," and "When will you stop this?"

He said he told the translator to tell her that "we'll be there soon."

Clooney said she laughed, held onto his finger and said, "That's what you always say."
I haven't even see Hotel Rwanda, but I intend to now. But even without seeing it, it makes me want to cry and get angry all at once to know that it is happening all over again and some movie will probably get made years from now to show us all that we have learned nothing from our past mistakes.... We should all call/write out MP. And pray - remembering that as K.P. Yohannan explains in Revolution in World Missions, every problem like this is ultimately a spiritual problem.


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